PUG TALK: WITH @157Gemma

Meet Mochi ~ motorcycle riding, ice skating, pug inspiration for THE BEST PUG COMIC STRIP EVER ~ illustrated by the super talented Gemma Gené of @157ofGemma fame! This week we sat down with Gemma's muse and all around cutie ~ Mochi the Pug ~ for our Pug Talk feature!

Where does the name 157ofGemma come from? Something about my mami…she always says that 157ofgemma started before I was born and that wasn’t about me but that is just silly!

Where did you get the name Mochi? My mami says I look like and I am as delicious as mochi, the Japanese ice cream, and I agree!!


What are some of your nicknames? So many! Angelet, which stands for Little angel, Amorcito (little love), Pistachio, Titi…I have no idea where that came from…and so on and so forth…

Is it hard being the muse to such amazing cartoons? Yes it is! It is a very intense job! I wake up and I inspire, inspire, and inspire all day!! It is exhausting! So I have to sleep a lot! To be true, I am very inspiring while I sleep as well.

We see your mom is also a fine artist, where can we find some of her artwork? You can find her artwork at www.gemmagene.com and on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK and the best part is that since I am also a studio assistant (aka. Pugssistant) I am in most of the photos.

Do you join your mom in the studio? Yes! I am a full time pugssistant! My main job is to remind mami to take many snack and nap breaks!

Gemma and Mochi in the Studio! Fine her fine art @gemma_gene

We know you moved to NYC from Barcelona. Was the transition difficult? I came to NYC when I was an 8 month old puppy, it was a happy transition because we first moved just next to the river side park and I had so many friends!

What do you miss most about Spain? Jamón 🍖

Mochi, what do you love most about living in NYC? I have a friend who works at a restaurant and every time he sees me he comes out to give me bacon, which is very nice.

pug riding a scooter gif

 Is it fun riding on a motorbike? Not super fun because I just want to lay down and sleep but apparently it is very dangerous or something…I prefer the car, or just being carried, I think that is my favorite.

Mochi, what’s your greatest talent? Not many people know but I can do a headstand, and when I do everyone gets very excited about it.

Whats your favorite snack/treat? Table food! Unless it’s green…

What are your favorite activities? I really enjoy the outdoors but my super favorite is sleeping I think.

pug ice skating gif

Do you sleep in or wake everybody up? I sleep in, I get very annoyed when papi leaves for work and wakes us up and then when mami’s alarm goes off it is my job to distract her so we can continue sleeping.

Do you have a favorite toy? I have several favorite toys, I really like one that my mami got for me when we were stuck in an airport in Paris, I didn’t expect it and it made me so happy!


What is your opinion on walks? I love going for walks, but I hate actually walking!

pug hates walking gif

What’s your dream date? I really like female pugs, specially if they are round and older than me, what can I say, I have a type! I’ve got several girlfriends and a dream date would include a great walk in the park, followed by some treats and maybe play date at home but nothing else, one day a girl stayed over for a weekend and that was so weird because I usually sleep with my parents but she can’t so I had to keep her company all night…not so much fun

Where can people find you online? INSTAGRAM: @157ofGemma FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/157ofgemma/ TWITTER: @157ofGemma YOUTUBE: @157ofGemma And of course you can read more comics on our website 157ofgemma.com

Until next time! Bye Bye!pug waving hello goodbye gif

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